Our Staff

Motortoys Limousine Service is staffed by trained professionals to help you get the right vehicle at the right price. Our account representatives are standing by 24/7/365 to help make your special occasion perfect.

Even after you make a reservation, we’re still there helping you with the details. Our operations manager helps you plan your itinerary, and go over all the questions you’ll have as your service date approaches.

Our chauffeurs are trained professionals, and employees. Unlike other companies we do not use uninsured contractors who may or may not care about your run (and whom the limo company has no control over – legally they can’t tell an independent contractor what to do, how to do things or even when to do things). Limo companies that misclassify their drivers as independent contractors have been sued by the Government and sometimes go bankrupt if they lose the fight (one of the largest in the country just went bankrupt for this very issue).

At Motortoys Limousine, our chauffeurs have CDL licenses (Commercial Driver’s License), and are randomly drug tested as part of our Department of Transportation license to operate. Our chauffeurs also always call before the day of service to introduce themselves and check on the details of your day. It’s our way of making sure everything is perfect.

Our Chauffeurs

  • Adam D.
  • Bill B.
  • Chris H.
  • Chris S.
  • Craig M.
  • Dan C.
  • Denny W.
  • Edwin S.
  • Jack S.
  • James B.
  • Jay S.
  • Jason GJason G.
  • Jeff G.
  • Jeff H.
  • Keith K.
  • Ken B.
  • Kent R.
  • Lynn C.
  • Monica J.
  • Philip G.
  • Randy C.
  • Reshunda P.
  • Rich M.
  • Rick E.
  • Rick W.
  • Robert T.
  • Terry T.
  • William C.